Violin Sounds for A Very Special Event

I am a professional violinist based in Jerusalem. I have played for hundreds of special events ranging from romantic marriage proposals to performances with hundreds in the audience. I love to play all kinds of music – classical, jazz, klezmer, popular, and can even improvise live on techno. I feel honored to be a part of people’s most memorable life moments, and plan and play at each event from my heart.






Special Events

I have played at many receptions, weddings, and parties. Sometimes I have played exactly what was asked of me, and sometimes I had complete freedom to play what I felt the occasion needed. I am happy to share my expertise in the planning stages. I have played in various instrument combinations, too, such as a duo with harp, guitar, cello, flute or accordion and up to a string quartet.



The King David Hotel arranged a special event for loyal customers to enjoy the Herod the Great exhibit at the Israel Museum. Before and during the dinner the guests were treated to a performance of my arrangement of R. Strauss’s Dance of Seven Veils for violin and harp with a dancer. I have also made music arrangements for other special requests, such as accompaniments for singers.

Home Concerts

I’m happy if the music is in the background and contributes to the atmosphere of the event, but I am also intrigued to prepare a unique performance and learn something new in the process. One such memorable event was the completion of a Tehillim cycle of a women’s study group. I researched and performed some psalms tunes from around the world at their celebration luncheon.

A Special Marriage

I have played for many marriage proposals throughout the years. One day, a young man from France asked me to play a song as he proposed to his lovely fiancé, and in addition he asked me to make the place of the proposal look special. I had such a great time preparing the surprise, and my hard work paid off when I saw tears of joy on his fiancé’s face. Now that I have done it successfully once, I can confidently offer the same service to others. I choose the most perfect bouquet from a high-end flower shop and the highest quality sparkling wine. I can also advise you about location, and will be happy to personalize your proposal with any reasonable special request. Extras can include inviting a singer, additional songs, ​chocolates, balloons.

Here is what I can offer as a package:

  • Your favorite song on the violin

  • “Marry Me” sign with lights

  • Red carpet

  • Flameless candles

  • Bouquet of 12 perfect red or white roses

  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine​


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